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The Miami Springs Historical Society and Museum has been a vital community resource for over thirty years.  The organization was created to support the preservation of the historic home of Glenn Curtiss, city developer and aviation pioneer.  A robust collection of artifacts and educational mission is the result of those efforts.  The Museum’s original location was in the historic Clune Building.  Its second home was a store front on Westward Dr.


In planning for the Museum’s third location, the Society reviewed its mission and structure.  To accomplish this the Society participated in a self-study and site visit from the American Alliance of Museums.  This process helped us explore new possibilities of inclusiveness for our citizens and their needs, and ways to better reflect the diversity of our town and student community.  

Through the guidance of national organizations and local government, we are taking the museum to its next professional level to be in class with other great Miami cultural institutions.  

Maryann Goodlet Taylor.jpg

Mary Ann Taylor

First Museum Director

Museum's First Location - Clune Building

1987- 2002

Museum's Second Location - Westward Drive

2003 - 2013

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